Alma Bio Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering a new class of therapeutic that reinforces the natural built-in mechanism for disease resolution and healing and restores the ability of the immune system to control pathological inflammation without suppressing its overall protective function.

Original research of our scientific Founder has established that the immune system is constantly challenged by self-antigens, but a strict regulatory mechanism ensures that these challenges are contained and do not develop into a clinically full-blown inflammatory response. Autoimmune diseases develop when regulation fails and control is lost: The immune system goes into overdrive and mounts an attack on the body’s own cells and tissues. Consequently, the key to treating autoimmune disease lies in the reinstatement of control rather than in combating the attack on the body.

Alma harnesses the therapeutic potential of this insight to correct and augment the natural regulatory signals employed by the immune system, to turn-off pathological inflammation and reinstate control over the inflammatory response. The resulting treatment is self-regulating, providing an individually tailored therapy that turns itself off when inflammation is resolved. This approach sets our new class of therapeutic apart from conventional immunosuppressive treatments that have heterogeneous response, and highly variable efficacy, frequently accompanied by severe side-effects.

Our preclinical studies have demonstrated that correcting dysregulation is a promising strategy for curtailing the pathological inflammation with superior therapeutic efficacy; it has the potential to promote durable remissions in patients suffering from broad range of autoimmune conditions.

Alma's HSP Therapeutic: