Alma’s therapeutic approach derives from the understanding of what keeps most people from developing autoimmune diseases, despite being constantly exposed to a myriad of triggers.

The Company’s Scientific founder discovered the Molecular Mechanism that maintains the immune system well-regulated and controlled, keeping most people healthy. His work led to the identification of extracellular Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) as master regulators of the immune system, (counter to intracellular HSP that have chaperone-like activity).

Using this knowledge, Alma developed a new classe of therapeutics that harness the power of the immune system. This first of a kind treatment supports the immune system and augmants its natural built-in mechanisms of self-regulation and healing.



Extracellular HSP are expressed at very low levels under physiological conditions. By contrast, they are abundantly expressed in response to inflammation, serving as internal danger signals that alert the immune system to take action.

Highly immunogenic and immunodominant signaling molecules, extracellular HSP serve as natural endogenous ligands to Toll receptors, and/or as antigens to regulatory T-cells (Treg), provoking an effective immune response.

In the healthy individual, extracellular HSP maintain the immune response under strict regulation and control, preventing run-away inflammation.

When local regulatory control malfunctions, and potentially harmful autoreactive responses arise, immune control may be restored by directing potent ‘HSP-specific’ Treg the inflammatory site.

When gut mucosal immunity is dysregulated, and dysbiosis with impaired barrier integrity arise, tolerance and host-microbial symbiosis may be restored via HSP triggering TLR2 signaling on Treg cells, on dendritic cells and on epithelial cells.

Employing the therapeutic potential of Extracellular HSP, Alma’s treatment possesses unique features:

  • Targeted, specific, and confined to the site of disease
  • Reinstates immune balance with no overdrive or complete suppression
  • Halts the harmful attack on the body and changes the course of disease

Alma’s breakthrough treatment harnesses the therapeutic potential of Heat Shock Proteins to augment the body’s natural regulatory signals and instruct the rogue immune system to correct and self-regulate


The treatment consists of a plasmid (a mini-circle of DNA that does not integrate in the host’s own DNA) that encodes for HSP, injected intramuscularly where it remains in depot

Plasmids are taken up by dendritic cells and macrophages

The Protein-antigen is processed and peptide epitopes are presented on the cell surface 

Upon sensing of uncontrolled local inflammation anywhere in the body, peptide epitopes interact with their T-cell receptors

Peripheral HSP-specific regulatory T-cells (Treg) are primed and redirected into the circulation 

Antigen-presenting cells and primed HSP-specific Treg migrate to the inflammatory site with high precision and specificity, to resolve inflammation and reinstate balance

Once control is reinstated and inflammation is  resolved, HSP expression diminishes and cell migration ceases

Alma’s treatment is self-regulating, acting only when required.
By correcting and reinforcing the body’s own regulatory mechanism,
it responds selectively to the patients’ individual needs.